Frequently Asked Questions

  • You share with us:
    • Who, when, where you would like it delivered.
    • Details about the person’s likes, hobbies, preferences, tastes, etc….
    • How much you’d like to spend and a personal message to be included via a handwritten note.
  • That’s it!
  • Each gift is unique and curated especially for the recipient.
  • Each gift is uniquely decorated and includes a handwritten personal note.
  • Personal delivery is currently only in the Twin Cities Metro Area. Shipping is available to all other locations (for an additional cost).
  • Contents typically include a mix of sweets, snacks, beverages, wellness, activities, books, kits, etc…
  • Delivery notification
  • We create gifts for all occasions.
    • Father’s Day
    • Graduation
    • Essential Workers
    • Senior Care Center
    • Social Distancing
    • Special occasions (Birthday, Anniversary, New Baby, Retirement, Promotion, etc…)
    • Thank You
    • Just Because
    • Long-distance party packs
    • College students
    • Weddings/bachelor/bachelorette
    • Get Well Soon/Recovery 
  • Giftbomb gifts are excellent for client and employee appreciation! Make us your personal assistant! We send on special occasions and take care of the entire year’s gifting needs so you don’t have to think about it.

Personalized gifts start at $50 and can be of any size or amount that works best for you.

We process individual orders to entire corporate teams. Some of our corporate clients include 3M, SPS Commerce, and SVN Northco Commercial Real Estate, etc.

We’re open to all sorts of ideas! Reach out here

Have a charitable initiative idea? We’d love to hear about it.

Last Revised: August 1st, 2020

Professional Gifting

Please try registering again. Sometimes, there is a slight delay from the cellular carrier. If the problem persists, please call us or email us on our support line.

A recipient may not receive a text notification about their Giftbomb for several reasons like phone switched off, traveling in a foreign country, roaming access, change in number, etc. Please ask the recipient to register on the app using the same cell phone number that you used to send the Giftbomb. The recipient’s Giftbomb is tied to their individual phone number and the Giftbomb will automatically appear in their digital wallet (in the app) when they register. Please reach out to us if you continue to face this issue.

Please ensure that you have registered with the same number that your friend used to send the Giftbomb. The Giftbomb is tied to a specific number so it is important that the same number is used for registration. Please reach out to us if this problem persists.

Please go the settings page (click on the profile picture image on the top right corner of the main homepage). You will then see a “Recent Purchases” feature where you can check if a Giftbomb has been sent, delivered/received or redeemed.

We are sorry that this occurred. We are working on features to prevent this from happening in the future. For now, please email us and we will correct the issue for you.

Please click the “heart” icon on the store’s image.

We apologize! But we are still expanding and will be in your area soon. Please contact us via email or our support line if you wish to recommend a merchant that is interested in signing up with Giftbomb.

We are working with our partners to introduce this feature and expect to accept Apple Pay later this year. We will notify you when we introduce other payment types.

Unfortunately, we do not support that feature yet. We are working on additional features and will notify you when we are ready!

The maximum face value of a card is $1000 and the minimum face value of a card is $5.

Your bank account/payment card gets charged upon the purchase of the Giftbomb.

The app will unfortunately not work without internet or data connection. We encourage you to connect to Wi-Fi or cellular data service to use all the features.

Last Revised: December 14th, 2019

From signing and returning the contract, we can get you live and selling on the app within hours. Once set up you can issue cards digitally for all your needs. Eg. promotional, marketing, giveaways, holiday employee trade etc. You save on plastic and admin time as well.

Our payment processor deposits the money directly in your bank account every 7th business day. The deposit amount may vary (compared to the purchases) if there are any additional bank holidays in the prior week.

Each location has a dashboard. You can track purchases, redemptions and statements.

There is no cost to sign up, set up fees.

We have two pricing options to choose from

  1. $25 per month plan + 3% credit card fees – Billed annually. CC fees collected upon sale
  2. 12% fee per transaction – Out of 12%, we pay credit card fees, transaction costs and bank transfer costs, etc. Fees collected upon sale and balance remitted.

So far, avg. spending over the value of the gift card is 40% and non-use is anywhere from 9%-19% which you get to keep.

The easiest set up at the moment is to add Giftbomb as a payment/tender type on your system. At redemption time, the user redeems the gift card on their phone and shows the redeemed amount to the staff. The staff then enters the amount redeemed in the system and closes the transaction like a typical check.

A sample redemption is shown below:

Your regular POS audit should tally up the Giftbombs redeemed on that day. You can match that to the redemptions on the merchant dashboard. The dashboard is updated in real time so when the customer has redeemed on the phone, it will update on the dashboard as well.

The app will not allow a customer to use more than what is available on the Giftbomb. Any attempt to do so will result in an error message.

We can mirror your current structure. Each location can have either the same bank account or different bank account. We currently have vendors that have the same bank account tied to all their gift card sales and some that prefer to keep it separate and make an internal adjustment at the end of the year (based on redemptions at each location). Giftbombs can be set up to redeem at multiple locations!

Yes, it is a simple one page document with screenshots and also video. We also offer to do training/onboarding with any of your team members and encourage them to download the app.

Last Revised: March 19th, 2020