How Giftbomb Helps Grow Your Business

Additional Cash Flow Channel

You know the importance of cash on hand.

Boost Incremental Spending

Every Giftbomb customer is a direct source of incremental revenue.

No Upfront Costs

No sign up costs. Works with your existing system and go live within 24 hrs.

Minimal management

Seamless set up allows you to focus on key priorities as you watch cash flow in.

Additional Marketing Channel

We are a cost-free tool to broaden your reach and attract new customers.

Save Money And Time

By going digital you save on related labor, administrative and stationery costs.


  • 8.5% per transaction plus 3.5% (credit card, transaction and bank transfer fees).
  • You keep all unused card value and incremental spending over card value.


Note: These vary by individual business but in some cases, additional spending is as high as 150% and non use is 30%

How it Works