Boost Your Cash Flow Now!

Boost Your Cash Flow Now!

  • Sell your gift cards via mobile app
  • Digitally issue promotional and giveaway cards for no extra cost
  • Money transferred upon purchase and not redemption. Keep unused card value
  • Go live within minutes. Simple on boarding for staff
  • Mobile marketing helps you stay relevant to new generation of customers

How Giftbomb Helps Grow Your Business

Additional Cash Flow

Money transferred right upon purchase.

Incremental Spending

40% avg. spending over card value.

Avoid Setup Costs

Works with your existing system and go live within 24 hrs.

Minimal management

Seamless set up allows you to focus on key priorities.

Marketing Tool

Attract new customers and track campaigns.

Save Money & Time

Save on labor, administrative and stationery costs.

How it Works

Pricing Plan

$0 per month!

  • 12% fee per transaction
  • No setup fees
  • Keep all unused value

* Giftbomb does not currently work with online purchases.

* Submitted applications are subject to final review by Giftbomb.

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