Our Story

The idea for Giftbomb came when we found it difficult to send a drink to a friend celebrating his birthday at a local bar. So, we created Giftbomb, a gifting app where you can instantly send and receive personalized gift cards to local businesses.

Our background in managing independent resorts and restaurants showed us the daily struggles that local businesses face compared to their larger competitors especially related to cash flow! We decided to partner with independent businesses and help increase their cash flow.

We see Giftbomb as a service to inspire joy while supporting and enriching independent businesses. We are based in the Twin Cities, MN

What Motivates Us?

We love creating thoughtful experiences.

We believe life is a celebration.

We enjoy putting a smile on others.

We take pleasure in seeing others succeed.

What’s Important To Us?

Simplicity, Constant Learning, Collaboration, Love, Creativity.

Our Team

Sai Bezawada, Stephanie Slanga, Shyam Athivarapu

We may be small but our vision is mighty!

Join Our Team

We are a startup looking for other awesome humans to join us on our journey. If you are looking to get experience in an early stage startup, want to grow with a startup or build your own company at some point, Giftbomb is offering opportunities to hone those skills. We are looking for people who are focused, hungry to grow, open minded, quick thinking, passionate and more importantly a genuine and kind. We look forward to meeting you!