Our Story

We are friends who are driven by adventure and find inspiration in the daily moments in life. The seed for Giftbomb was sown when when we found it difficult to surprise a friend celebrating his birthday at a restaurant. And we thought, there should be a way to instantly gift a friend and make their day! So, in early 2018, with a few ideas in mind, we quit our full time jobs and have not looked back since!

We see Giftbomb as a service to inspire joy and giving by celebrating the daily moments in life while supporting and enriching local businesses. We are excited and looking forward to this journey!

What Motivates Us?

We love creating thoughtful experiences.

We believe life is a celebration.

We enjoy putting a smile on others.

We take pleasure in seeing others succeed.

What’s Important To Us?

Simplicity, Constant Learning, Collaboration, Love, Creativity, Mindfulness.

Our Team

Stephanie Slanga, Shyam Athivarapu, Sai Bezawada

We may be small but our vision is mighty!

Join Our Team

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